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Steel Square Set GROZ 3-Piece Machinist Steel Square Set 16 Micron Squareness| 2”, 4” & 6” Blade Lengths With Plastic Carrying Case

  • $6499

  1. Steel blades with 0.00063" squareness
  2. Square has accurate right angles both inside and outside
  3. Hardened spring steel blades are permanently fixed to the stock by means of tapered self locking rivets which ensure complete rigidity
  4. There is a groove on the inner corner of the stock to add in clearance of burr or dirt
  5. 12 month warranty
  6. Crafted from selected steel with hardened blade, these squares have accurate right angles both on the inside and out
  7. Both blade and stock are accurately ground which ensures straightness and parallelism.
  8. Range of squares comes in handy for setting up and checking machinery, carpenter's squares or using as a try square when marking joints or testing faces and edges

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