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Center Square -3 inch

  • $1730

  • Ground Blade: made of spring steel, this center square steel is hardened and tempered - highly preferable for professionals like engineers and construction workers
  • Center Finder Blade: this measuring tool with precision ground blade, square head and center head, meets all the specifications for accuracy. Positioning of the center square onto the round face of the stock allows you to get precision in measurements
  • High Precision Blade: with its precise measuring abilities, this hand tool is extremely useful for locating centers of round stocks easily and quickly. This lathe tool is particularly suitable for metalwork but can also be employed in woodworking
  • Durable Blade: crafted with spring steel, this knife edge blade is toughened to ensure extended life and resistance to abrasion. Square in greased form reduces oxidation
  • Versatile Center Square: with 3” Center Square, this square blade can be used to set up a miter saw, table saw, band saw, and other tool sets that require accurate measurements. The sharpness of the blade helps to quickly locate the center of a par
  • Extremely useful tool for the machinist on the lathe or the tool maker at the bench
  • For locating centers of round stocks/parts quickly and easily
  • The knife edge is made from spring steel.

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