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12" Indestructible Handle Copper Head Club Hammer, 2.5 lb.

12" Indestructible Handle Copper Head Club Hammer, 2.5 lb.

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Indestructible handle copper head club hammer handle that features an indestructible handle made with four spring steel bars which run all the way through the full length of the handle to resist overstrike without breaking. The head will not become loose, as steel bars are locked with a steel plate on top of the hammer head, ensuring the head will never get dislodged. The hammer head is forged from 99.9% pure copper for spark free use, the copper head resists sparking and reduces marring of most struck surfaces. The ergonomic, vulcanized rubber-grip handle absorbs impact and vibration, reducing user fatigue. Made from a special grade of ozone-resistant rubber for use in tough outside environments, the textured non-slip grip helps guard against user error. Great for driving in stakes, heavy demolition work in construction like fracturing stone and concrete, driving fence posts, rebar work and bending or shaping metal. Sledge hammers are used, abused and misused day-in and day-out - for heavy demolition work in construction environments, railroad, underground mining etc. These are rough use tools that take a lot of beating. No matter how much care you take, incorrectly hitting the hammer on the handle instead of the head cannot be avoided. Conventional wooden handle and fiber glass handles fall apart not just when overstriked, but in a few hundred strikes even when used with full care.

The Groz INDESTRUCTIBLE hammer won't stop no matter what you do to it. Paying a little extra compared to conventional hammers for a lifetime of use works out to a fraction of the cost than what you would spend buying multiple units of conventional hammers for the same Job. Groz Indestructible Handle Hammers meet ANSI specifications "Hand Tools - Heavy Striking Tools Safety Requirements", as well as BS 876 specifications for material, hardness and performance.

Available sizes: 2.5 lb. Head with a 12 in. or 16 in. Handle. 4 lb. Head with a 12 in. or 16 in. Handle.

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