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Automatic Fuel Control Nozzle, Inlet Threaded 3/4" NPT

  • $6729

Fcna3/4N ‰ÛÒ fuel control nozzle ‰ÛÒ automatic. This heavy duty fuel control nozzle is built of cast aluminum, the body and handle is wrapped with protective black vinyl. This is for use with electric fuel pumps. Nozzle has dual modes: manual and automatic. Sensor built into the discharge spout outlet automatically shuts off supply once fuel level in the tank reaches that of the outlet discharge spout. Trigger and guard made of thermoplastic. To be used with unleaded gasoline, diesel or kerosene. Discharge spout is straight. Spout dia. (OD) 0.83 inch (21mm), (ID) 0.63" (16mm). 0.75" inlet connection with NPT (F) inlet threads. Max pressure: 50 psi (3.45 bar) wetted components, aluminum, steel, nitrile rubber.

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