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Reversible Vise - 3-1/2 inch (90mm) - Soft Polypropylene Jaws - Cast Iron - 360° Swivel Base

  • $6968

  • This versatile vise is constructed of heavy duty cast iron
  • Equipped with a 360° swivel base
  • Polypropylene jaws allow a soft yet firm grip; under pressure jaws reshape to grip work piece securely and return to their original shape when job is removed
  • Reversible: Jaw capacity can be doubled from 3-1/2” to 7” by removing the sliding jaw and placing at back of body
  • Jaw Width: 3-1/2”; Jaw Opening: 3-1/2” (Reverse = 7”); Throat Depth: 1-1/2”; Pipe Jaw Capacity: 7/8”
  • A compact and convenient vice suitable for a variety of DIY applications. Unique design additionally allows it to be used as a pen press.
  • Made from cast iron, the body and sliding jaw are aligned with two steel guide rods and the main screw for smooth action 
  • Jaw capacity can be doubled from 3.1/2" (90mm) to 7" (175mm) by removing the sliding jaw and placing it at the back of the body-making the vice reversible
  • With a 360 deg. swivel base this is amongst the most versatile and convenient work holding tools

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