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Portable Woodworking Vise - Jaw width - 6" (150 mm) - Jaw Opening - 4-1/2" (112 mm)

  • $3499

  • Portable 6" wood working vise clamps to bench top of maximum thickness of 2.25"
  • Manufactured with 4 pre-drilled holes to secure to work bench to enhance stability
  • Jaws face measure 2" tall by 6" wide
  • Max jaw opening is 5" vise jaws and body made from close- grained cast iron
  • Main screw has acme threads with chrome plated dual slide bars
  • Body and sliding jaw have provision for attaching wooden liners to protect the vice, the work piece and working tools
  • When fully closed, the jaws meet only at the top to provide even clamping on the whole depth of the work piece
  • Vise jaws are equipped with a “Toe–In” feature
  • The steel main screw, guide rods and handle are chrome plated for increased resistance to corrosion
  • Prefect for beginner woodworks and hobbyist
  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.5 x 7.3".

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