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Inside, Outside Caliper & Divider Set

  • $3999

  • Designed for reliable, accurate layout and measurement jobs, these are of immense use to toolmakers and all mechanics who require finer adjustment and better balance
  • Manufactured from high grade selected steel with a high grade polish
  • Legs pivot on a roller and are tensioned by a bow spring
  • Adjusting Nut allows for measurements of fine settings
  • Designed specifically for transfer measurements & comparing internal/external measurements
  • Precision made to rigid standards throughout
  • Legs are machined to a smooth taper
  • Fulcrum stud has a large bearing surface preventing side deflection of legs
  • Finely machined solid nut runs smoothly to secure legs exactly to dimension
  • Divider points are hardened 50-55 HRC for increased wear resistance.

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