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F Meter - Mechanical Fuel Meter (gal.), 3/4" NPT (F)

F Meter - Mechanical Fuel Meter (gal.), 3/4" NPT (F)

  • $13692

F meter - mechanical fuel meter (gal.), 3/4 inch NPT (F). World-class mechanical fuel meter, extremely compact, yet easy to read; robust aluminum die construction; 3 port design which allow the meter to be fitted in ‰ÛÒline or with the inlet and outlet ports at right angle. Nutating disc mechanism offers high tolerance to fuel contamination; for use with electric fuel pumps or gravity flow (with a minimum gravity head of 4‰۪). Register cap can be easily removed and rotated to every 90 degrees orientation for display reading; easy user re calibration; works with both fuels & oils. Available in liter/gal. version in a choice of å_‰۝ or 1‰۝ threads. Recommended use diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, low to medium viscosity oils; do not use with water based media. Wetted components aluminum, poly butylene terephthalate (PBT), Viton, stainless steel; note: not to be used to measure media for resale.

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