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Air Regulator Miniature -1/4" NPT - 21 CFM

  • $2552

Groz 60051 Air Regulator Miniature -1/4" NPT - 21 CFM. (R13914) Groz Miniature Air regulators has a 1/4" NPT inlet and out let port size. Regulator steps down the airline pressure and can be set to any desired pressure below the inlet air pressure. This is aluminum die cast and is equipped with a non-raising "press to lock" adjusting knob for locking in at any set pressure. This can be installed in any position and does not be vertically mounted. Conforms to ISO 6953-1 Max flow rate: 21 CFM (600 LPM) Pressure gauge port size 1/8" Height 3.19" (81 mm) Width 1.57 (40 mm) Pressure adjustment range of 7-145 PSI. Max PSI 220.åÊ1/4‰۝ NPT, Miniature, 60051, 1/4‰۝ NPT, Intermediate, 60052, 3/8‰۝ NPT, Intermediate, 60053, 1/2‰۝ NPT, Standard, 60054.