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Sledge Hammer, 30" Indestructible, 10 lb.

  • $8999

  • Indestructible handle is stronger than fiberglass and doesn't break, you'll never need a replacement
  • Sledge-hammer head is 10 pounds and has a 30 in handle
  • Hi-visibility safety orange head allows for easy identification on a jobsite
  • Ergonomic vulcanized rubber, grip handle is absorbs vibration and reduces fatigue
  • Perfect for driving stakes, metal forming, setting bolts, cracking rocks and demolition
  • Features an indestructible handle made with 4 spring steel bars, each measuring 7.1mm in diameter, which run all the way through the full length of the handle to resist overstrike without breaking
  • The head will not become loose, as steel bars are locked with a steel plate on top of the hammerhead, ensuring the head will never get dislodged
  • Forged from special steel, the head is induction-case hardened to 52 - 56 HRC for extended life
  • Made from a special grade of ozone-resistant rubber for use in tough outside environments, the textured non-slip grip helps guard against user error
  • Great for driving in stakes, heavy demolition work in construction like fracturing stone and concrete, driving fence posts, rebar work and bending or shaping metal
  • Useful for police fire and rescue applications as well as railroad work and underground mining etc...

Dimensions: 35 X 2 X 7

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