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Quick Release Woodworking Vise, Jaw Width - 10-1/2", Jaw Opening - 16"- Vise- |Cast Iron | “Toe-in Feature (39014)

  • $12500

  • Manufactured from close-grained cast iron for long trouble-free service; Accurately machined housings assure smooth sliding movement
  • Quick Release controlled by front “dog”; press trigger to initiate quick action.
  • Works as normal & “tail” vise: adjustable front “dog” used in conjunction with bench stop allows oversize work pieces to be held securely
  • Accurately fitted solid steel guide rods reduce wear and tear giving the vises a smooth and true parallel action, free of side or cross deflection
  • Vise jaws are equipped with a “Toe–In” feature; When fully closed, the jaws meet only at the top to provide even clamping on the whole depth of the work piece
  • A traditional pattern woodworking vice equipped with the quick release mechanism
  • Simply pressing the trigger initiates the quick action, with the front jaw sliding freely, thereby allowing large or small work pieces to be interchanged smoothly
  • Vices are equipped with an adjustable front dog which when used in conjunction with a bench stop allows oversize work pieces too large to be held between the jaws, to be securely held
  • This useful addition provides a normal vice and a tail vice in one tool
  • Manufactured from close-grained grey cast iron, these robust vices have accurately machined housings for smooth sliding movement and true parallel action free of side or cross movement
  • Jaw Width - 10-1/2", Jaw Opening - 16".

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