Portable Woodworking Vise

Product-Price:  $34.99

Product Brief

Portable Woodworking Vise Jaw Width - 6" (150 mm), Jaw Opening - 112 mm

A useful, lightweight vise for the young woodworker or home handyman, yet robust enough for professional use. The design allows for two clamping options: a) Permanent clamping on the workbench via clamping slots in the vise. b) Additional clamping option via the 2.5/32” integrated clamp. This allows the vise to be conveniently clamped to any work surface. Body and front plates are made from close grained cast iron. Body and Sliding jaw have provision for attaching wooden liners to protect the vise, the work piece and working tools. Vise jaws are equipped with a “TOE – IN” feature. When fully closed, the jaws meet only at the top to provide consistent clamping on the whole depth of the work piece.

SKU Price ($) Weight(Lbs) Measures Cart
L(Inches) W (Inches) H (Inches)
39006 34.99 7.425 17.72 16.54 7.87
39011 99.00 18.333 25.59 16.54 7.87