Pen Press Vise

Product-Price:  $59.99

Product Brief

Reversible Design with Clamping capacity from 3.1/2" to 7". Complete with Swivel Base. Soft Polypropylene Jaws

A compact and convenient vise suitable for a variety of DIY applications. Unique design additionally allows it to be used as a Pen Press. Made from cast iron, the body and sliding jaw are aligned with two steel guide rods and the main screw for smooth action. Polypropylene jaws impart a soft yet firm grip. Under pressure these jaws deform around the work piece and return to their original shape when the work is removed. Jaw capacity can be doubled from 3.1/2” to 7” by removing the sliding jaw and placing it at the back of the body-making the vise reversible. With a 360° swivel base this is amongst the most versatile and convenient work holding tools.

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