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Product Brief

DUO Bar (Reversible) Clamp Bar Length 36" & Capacity - 30"

Incorporating advanced features to the traditional Sash Clamps, the DUOBAR is truly every woodworker’s delight.

Rigid & robust premium quality malleable iron head & slide can be reversed on the bar allowing both internal as well as external clamping. Internal clamping is especially useful for holding window or door frames in position, holding partitions in construction etc. Bars made from drawn steel with a section of 1.1/4” x 1/4” are furnished with equally spaced holes along the entire length. Large, solid pin allows the head & slide to be adjusted at any desired position along the bar. The screw has rolled ACME threads which run very smoothly in use. The large handle offers great leverage allowing the clamp to achieve maximum pressure with minimum effort.

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