T Bar

Product-Price:  $39.99

Product Brief

T Bar Clamp Bar Length - 36" , Capacity - 30"

Robust clamps designed for applications that require extra resilience under extreme pressure. The “T” section bar is made from special drawn steel with a section of 1” x 1.5/8” which offers larger resistance to bending. Premium quality malleable iron slide & head are precision machined to glide along the bar for effortless set-up. The jaws feature a slight taper which gives perfectly parallel clamping. The slide can be located anywhere on the T bar using the locating holes drilled at regular intervals along the bar. A large, solid steel pin keeps the slide firmly in position & will not bend or distort under pressure. Virtually unbreakable, the slide and head have a durable powder coated finish & the head features a solid steel, precision cut rolled ACME screw thread. The screw gives smooth & rapid clamping action and the large handle gives leverage to achieve maximum pressure with minimum effort..

SKU Price ($) Weight(Lbs) Measures Cart
L(Inches) W (Inches) H (Inches)
39100 39.99 9.24 40.16 9.45 5.51
39101 44.99 10.56 50 9.45 5.51
39102 49.99 11.88 62.2 9.45 5.51